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Bullion metals prices during the past 24 hours *.

Prices updated every few minutes when markets are open. Prices are per ounce.

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What is the "Spot Price"?   (clarification of what spot is) - one might say that the "spot" price is the price quoted for large bars of precious metal.   Each larger metal bar is stored in a certified warehouse. Usually only the receipt of ownership changes hands.   Keep in mind that the spot price does not include broker commissions, shipping, postal insurance, etc.   When purchasing precious metals in the form of coins or smaller bars expect to pay a premium for the manufacture, some kind of commission or markup, and of course postage/insurance to receive your purchase.  

* - spot prices are updated only when markets are open, expect a time delay in prices.


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 Come back and check prices often.

All metal prices quoted, information, and opinions you see come from what is expected to be reliable sources. Do the possibility of error, omission, and events beyond our control, no warranty or guarantee is expressed or implied as to the accuracy of any information or quote. Often precious metal purchases need to be held long term to realize substantial gains.  Investing in metals, or anything for that matter, involves risks including possible decreases in your investment value at times.  Common advice includes: "Don't use your grocery or mortgage money to invest in anything."  Please use your good judgment and always verify prices and information before you make any precious metal transaction.  Our opinion is, that for most small and individual investors, it is best to take personal possession of precious metals and coins you purchase.  This is not a solicitation or advice to buy or sell.



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