What are American Eagle Gold Coins?

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First minted by the United States government mint in 1986, American Eagle Gold Bullion coins have become a very popular means of investing in gold.


Today, US gold eagle coins can be purchased from coin dealers, bullion dealers, auctions and internet sites (such as www.LynnCoins.com). 


The American Gold Eagle coin show a beautiful Liberty design created by Augustus Saint-Gaudens on the front.  On the reverse is a "family of eagles", hence the nickname for these coins of "gold eagle".  The United States Government mint backs the weight and guarantees the purity of the gold.  Each gold eagle coin is legal tender of the US government and made of real gold.


Available in four different sizes:  tenth ounce, fourth ounce, half ounce, and one ounce. Each coin has the same design and contains the amount of gold as indicated on the coin's reverse.  Coins are legal tender of the USA.  For example a tenth ounce gold eagle will have a $5.00 face value, but may be sold by the US Mint at a premium above the gold value to cover the Mint's production cost and profits.  Currently the gold value in it is over 20 times the face value, so don't expect to buy any of these for face value.


In recent years, the US Mint has limited production of gold eagle coins due to various problems, such as not having enough gold blanks to make them, to being unable to keep up with the demand.


Eagle gold bullion coins are produced in both uncirculated condition and special proof specimens.  (Proof gold coins are sold by the mint at a higher price and were not made in all sizes during some years.) 


Sizes of American Eagle coins:


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