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The 3D Cube is one cool applet. You can use the same image for all sides, or seperate images for each side. All images can be linked also!

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The most realistic rotating cube menu I've come across so far.
Move your mouse cursor over the cube and its rotation will roughly follow the movement of the mouse. Click once to bring any of the faces forward. Once a face is locked forward it can be double clicked to link to its assigned URL. A single click will cause the face to recede and rotation will recommence.
For this example I've used just one image file for all six faces of the cube. You can use a different image for each face if you wish, and a separate URL can be assigned to each image/face combination. Just one target is available for all URL's.
Other parameters include: Background and Shadow colors, a "Spot Light", which highlights the cube as it rotates and parameters to control the rotation speed and angle of offset.