About BWI

BannerWheel Industria or BWI is a powerful advertising program that was composed in C.   BWI offers the ability for you to have several clients advertise on your website, with each client containing an unlimited amount of ads or "banners".   Generally, an advertisement is a banner (possibly an animated banner).   However, there are advertisements that are just HTML, and some that are a combination of both.  BWI provides the ability to use all three of these; a banner ad, and HTML ad, or a combination of both.  BWI has very user friendly graphical user interface so that anyone can be an administrator.

Features of BWI

Below are features of BWI:

  • Written in C, for optimal performance
  • User friendly Graphical User Interface
  • Ability to have unlimited clients with unlimited ads
  • Ability to "group" or categorize ads
  • Manage (upload, copy, delete, rename) all banner files
  • Reminder which can bill your clients
  • Graphical statistics for both the administrator and the client(s)
  • Daily Stats

1996 - 2000, Command-O Software, Inc.