Client's Statistics

How to log in

To log into the Client's Module, bring up the stats.cgi program from the directory you installed BWI into your browser (note there are NO arguments).  A login form will be displayed and you will be prompted for a client login and client password.

Understanding Stats

To view the stats of a client, log into the Client's Module.  Automatically, the stats are pulled up.  Listed below are the definitions of each field:

Banner Created:  Date banner was set to start
Click-Through Ratio:  Ratio of clicks/exposures
Total Exposures:  Total exposures (never reset)
Total Click-Thrus:  Total clicks (never reset)

Information below the Current Statistics is the stats from the last time you reset the count.  To reset the count, just hit the Reset Count button, and it will reset all Current Statistics to 0.

Viewing Daily Stats

To view the daily stats (or summarize the stats), select the Graph Content by option that you wish (graph by exposures, clicks, click-through ratios, or click-through percentage) and then select the month and year you wish to view.  When you're done selecting, click the GO! button.  The daily stats for will be displayed.

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